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by Richard Wadholm

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"The Night of White Bhairab"
by Lucius Shepard

Development, eBook Conversion Services

Hire ElectricStory.com for your next Web development project! Our team is Microsoft certified in .NET technologies and SQL Server and has extensive writing and editing experience with major entertainment companies, including Microsoft and Wizards of the Coast. We specialize in operations to support electronic-book publishing, but we can build you any kind of site—from a simple static site to a major e-commerce operation—for just about any business need, at a price you probably can't beat.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Component-based Web development using Visual Basic and/or C#, SQL Server, XML, XHTML, and Javascript.
  • Design and implementation of secure, online SQL database systems for accessing and updating your information anywhere in the world.
  • eBook conversion. Our conversion engine is still in production, but soon we will be able to convert to many popular eBook formats, with graphics, from a single Word or rtf file.
  • Data transfer. Have us create a custom system to populate your database from XML or ODBC data sources.
  • E-commerce development.
  • Writing and editing.

Write us with your project description for a free ballpark quote:





What do you charge?

Write us for a free quote. During the testing phase on our eBook conversion system, if you supply the source Microsoft Word file and we only have to run the final conversion step, it'll just be a few dollars per book per format.

So what's the cheapest I can get a website for?

If we adapt a site we've already written, you can get it pretty cheap, a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and then the time it takes us to customize it, which may run anywhere from a few hours to several weeks, depending on your needs. For sites we've already developed and are merely modifying to fit your needs, we maintain the code. You get the .dlls, the database along with stored procedures, and the front-end html (in the .aspx files), Javascript, config files, etc., but we keep the .NET (C# or VB.net) source code. If you need upgrades, you pay us to do them. If there are bugs, we fix them, no charge.

What if I want to own all the source code?

If we do the project from scratch for you, you've got it. We only keep the source code when we're building on one of our own pre-existing, relatively finished products.

What if I want you to do only part of the project, like the database, so that I can cut costs. Will you do that?

It depends upon the project, but generally we're happy to team up with other companies. If you want to do the design work, for instance, that's probably fine. Just doing the database might cause problems on a complex site, so a lot of planning might be involved. If you've got some third-party apps you want us to adapt to the site, we can probably do that. The discussion board at Night Shade Books was a pre-existing third-party app that we helped skin and integrate with their site.

So what have you done?

We've got this site, of course. We just started doing other sites this year: the Night Shade Books site, Lucius Shepard's site, and a catalog site for a small-town DVD rental store. (The DVD site was taken over and changed by the owner so that it's no longer recognizable as our work. If you want a DVD catalog site, we'll cut you a good deal. The site is maintained via the upload of an Excel spreadsheet and jacket graphics, and consists of a home page with blog-type tool, a catalog page with search and many subject categories, and full-page descriptions of the various titles. A store owner can use it to easily update his inventory each day so that customers can browse the stock and see what's checked out.)

Do you host your own sites?

No, we're not in that business. We can suggest a host, or we can work with your network admin or whatever host you choose.

I want to start small but I've got big plans and deep pockets, and you just don't look the outfit that can build me a site to take over the world.

If you've got the resources, we've got the connections.

I know what I want, but I don't understand the technologies, I don't want to look stupid, and I don't want to spend more than X dollars.

We won't take advantage of you or give you bs. If we say we can do it for X dollars, we'll do it.

Will you write me a full bid proposal?

It depends on the scope of the project. In any case we'll give you a ballpark quote for free.

Will you publish my eBook and offer it for sale on your site?

That's a completely separate issue. We don't do any vanity publishing. If you're an author of fantasy, science fiction, or horror who has published in a professional market or attended one of the Clarion or Odyssey workshops and has a novel or story collection to sell, you can query us .