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Exclusive Movie Reviews
by Lucius Shepard

"Crimea River"
by Howard Waldrop

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by Mark Rose

by Bob Kruger

"From Here You
Can See the

by Richard Wadholm

"They're Made
Out of Meat"

by Terry Bisson

"A Dry, Quiet War"
by Tony Daniel

"The Night of White Bhairab"
by Lucius Shepard

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Inception is essentially a caper picture and, when viewed as such, it’s rather less effective than, say, Ocean’s Eleven...
—Lucius Shepard's latest review
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Jamie Bishop Scholarship Fund
Jamie Bishop did book covers for Gojiro, No Enemy But Time, Brighten to Incandescence, and several other titles. Jamie's portfolio is at his website. He taught German at Virginia Tech, where he was slain on April 16, 2007. Those wishing to make a tribute to Jamie can send a check to a scholarship fund set up at the school where his father teaches:

The Jamie Bishop Scholarship in Graphic Arts
Advancement Services
LaGrange College
601 Broad Street
LaGrange, GA 30240
Acrobat eBooks
We are in the process of adding Acrobat versions of our eBooks to the site, beginning with books by Lucius Shepard: Colonel Rutherford's Colt, The Jaguar Hunter, The Golden, and Beast of the Heartland. If you've already purchased one of these books, the pdf will automatically appear in your format list for download when we post it.

ElectricStory is pleased to present five stellar stories by George R.R. Martin, author of the landmark fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire.
Two telepaths investigate the newly discovered world of Shkea, where every native inhabitant, and an increasing number of human colonists, worship a mysterious and deadly parasite. Winner of the 1975 Hugo Award for Best Novella.
It's been a lifetime and more since Cyrain has been challenged in the game of mind. When the cyborg arrives, she senses a worthy and dangerous opponent—one that's been dead for 800 years...
In a crumbling city on a dying planet, young Annelyn has lived a life of privilege. When he is humilated by the crafty groun hunter they call the Meatbringer, he plots revenge. But Annelyn's plan goes desperately awry, leading him deep into the city's ruins—and to the ugly truth about the mythic White Worm.
Richard Cantling didn't regret the sacrifices he had made for his work, but he had expected his daughter to forgive and forget. When the painting arrives, it seems a gesture of reconciliation—until he's brought face to face with another of his offspring. Winner of 1986 Nebula Award for Best Novelette.
Tired and bloody from her battle with the Seven, Sharra stumbles through the gate onto a pristine planet, the kingdom and prison of a solitary singer doomed to await Sharra's arrival...

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Aeon Fourteen Cover
Aeon Speculative Fiction, Issue Fourteen
Bridget McKenna, Marti McKenna
$5.00 — Æon Fourteen features stories by Lavie Tidhar, Jay Lake, Sarah L. Edwards, Davin Ireland, Ryan Neal Myers, and Mikal Trimm, poetry by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, and nonfiction by Dr. Rob Furey and Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories
Terry Bisson
$7.00 — Bisson's pack of scientists, artists, rednecks, insurance salesmen, astronauts, truck drivers, owlish British gentlemen, and others will stay with you like your best friends and quirkiest relations. Includes the Hugo- and Nebula-winning title story.
The Secret of Life
Rudy Rucker
$6.99 — Bawdy, hilarious, and brisk, The Secret of Life tours the sixties with Conrad Bunger, alter ego of award-winning cyberpunk Rudy Rucker.
Cover of In the House of the Worm
In the House of the Worm
George R. R. Martin
$4.00 — In a crumbling city on a dying planet, a young noble's quest for vengeance goes awry and he must flee deep into the underworld, where he discovers terrible secrets about his society.