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Things I've Found 60 (Yeah, There May Be Bugs On Some Of You Mugs...)—4/26/2006

by Mark Rose

...but there ain’t no bugs on me! has to be one of the most annoying ad jingles ever created. Thanks for nothing, K9 Advantix, and hey folks, welcome to Le Show! http://www.harryshearer.com/leshow/. Oh wait, sorry, that’s not it, I mean welcome to Things I’ve Found!

I like useful sites. We don’t get many of those any more. But this one, http://tradetricks.org/, allows people to post simple little tricks that tend to make life easier, like how to back up a trailer, how to hire a construction foreman, how to treat a bee sting with an onion, and more unusual bits and pieces. Add it to your daily must check list and see if you find anything worthwhile.

The animated creatures that sell 7-Up can read your mind. Or at least they can tell you what number you’re thinking of: http://digicc.com/fido/.

Artist Shelley Jackson has written a 2,095 word short story, and her plan is to tattoo (yes, I said "tattoo") one word of that story on each of 2,095 different people. The story will never be printed, and never be made accessible except to each of the individuals who agree to have their skin ineradicably stained. http://ineradicablestain.com/skin.html. Make sure you click on the "Project Status" link to find out more.

GoogleMapMadness. Track your package’s delivery route by using isnoop. Type in the routing number, and isnoop not only figures out what service you use, but will generate a GoogleMap of your package’s current location. You can even get an RSS feed for updates. Very nice. http://isnoop.net/blog/?p=19.

Check a lot of other GoogleMapApps at: http://googlemapsmania.blogspot.com/. Like this one for the planet Mars: http://mars.google.com/

When we last visited One Red Paper Clip (http://www.oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com/), our hero had managed to barter up starting with one red paper clip and he had then acquired a functioning snowmobile. Well now, he got all the way up to free rent for an entire year in Phoenix and then he traded THAT for an afternoon with Alice Cooper. Because Alice Cooper is like one of the coolest people around when you read the story. He's trying to trade up to a house. Nice job, Kyle.

Store your valuables in a very dirty pair of underpants: http://www.shomer-tec.com/site/product.cfm?id=99887213-F553-E130-7F2BE5BED6A1828B. No really, they’re only $9. Do you think a thief would look in your underwear for cash?

Want 5 pounds of Silly Putty? http://crayolastore.com/product_list.asp?SKW=SILLYBULK. Want 100 pounds? http://bulkputty.org/ordering/dow.html

Let’s say you’re a man and you want a pedicure. Hey, some men do! Well, they don’t want to go to a pink and frilly girly-girl shop to have their tootsies touched; no, far better to go to a modern speedshop garage and have all your manly bits looked after in a manly way. Er...well, you know what I mean. Maybe you don’t. There’s a new place in Los Angeles called Service Station Barber & Body that is a dayspa for men, set in a modern-day automotive garage. Check out their site: http://servicestation.net/, and you’ll see just how cool an idea it can be.

Now I’m sorry but if you can make a portrait out of British comedian Benny Hill using NOTHING BUT TOAST, you are an artistic genius. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2006190067,00.html

Gonzo Animated Clips of the Week: Seriously twisted animated milk droplet sings with cows, uses nunchuks and explains how great milk is, Korean-style! Takes a while to load, but worth it. Love the dancing milk. http://www.philsblog.com/archives/comic_06.swf.

And if dancing milk doesn’t get your feet tapping, be ready for the breakitdown rhythms of...Llama Llama Duck. Oh you know you want to click on it, you know you have to. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/llama.php. Because it’s about llamas. Kind of.

Cool Site of the Issue: http://www.n55.dk/. This husband and wife team (now sadly having lost the latter to cancer) created tremendous functional artworks that looked spiffy and worked, but were still seriously whacked out, like their Micro Dwellings. It’s certainly worth a look, and you can even download the 9MB file of all their manuals, the N55 Book: (http://www.n55.dk/N55_BOOK_PDF/DOWNLOAD.html).

Obligatory Political Note of the Day: In other Bizarro-world notes, actor Alec Baldwin has stated that he would give up sex for a month if it would get a Democrat into the White House. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/gossip/story/406395p-344120c.html. A month? A month? Man, do you have no commitment? Could you give up sex for the rest of your life and move to Canada already, like you promised?

And on that cantankerous note, I bid you a fond adieu until next time. Things I’ve Found #61 already has great things cooking on its four burners, so stay tuned...