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Things I've Found 55 (Run Chicken Run! Goodbye Link Wray, R.I.P.)—11/23/2005

by Mark Rose

Oh no! The master Link Wray has died. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051121/ap_en_mu/obit_wray_3. Wray is one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Period. No arguments accepted. From "Rumble" to "Run Chicken Run," the man simply blasted that beautiful pre-60s hard whonkin’ proto-surf guitar that forces, literally forces, you to get out of your chair and move your feet. Check him out here: http://www.linkwraylegend.com/. You can buy a Best Of CD from Amazon for 8 bucks. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000003308/qid=1132704868/sr=2-1/ref=pd_bbs_b_2_1/103-6815083-2179008?v=glance&s=music. You should do it.

I am simply not worthy. This link provided a new subscriber (thank you, sir!) takes a while to load, but: http://www.zeronews-fr.com/flash/quarter.php. Man takes the skill of quarter bouncing to new and phenomenal levels. The video gets really good after the first minute when we start to see the reactions of the man and his housemate. Astounding.

Speaking of skills which I do not have, I could probably not make an interesting piece of artwork by handlettering the entire script of the movie Scarface into an emblematic image from the film: http://lapopart.com/productdetail.asp?Ident=19&myaction=1.

How to Host a Nancy Drew Party: http://www.nancydrewsleuth.com/sleuthparties.html. Well, if Pamela Sue Martin came to my party, I’d think about it. But really, you know you have to click on the link, don’t you?

http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1891412,00.asp – Here’s a full list of all the Sony CDs that came with the First4Internet Digital Rights Management rootkit installed. If you haven’t been following this, it’s been ugly. Basically, some Sony music CDs came with a rights management software install that contained a rootkit. A rootkit is something that embeds itself in the kernel of your operating system and is very difficult to uninstall. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1886647,00.asp. They did it to "protect the artists". Well, because Sony is dumber than a bag of hammers (or in this instance, a bunch of hacker kids living in their Mom’s basements), it turns out that you can use this rootkit to cause havoc on user machines. Sony is offering a replacement for all affected CDs but they haven’t been nearly apologetic enough. Let’s hope their network goes down.

Well, you don’t see this very often. A live on-camera TV news crew explaining how dangerous a certain traffic intersection is has their story livened up by an actual traffic accident. http://videos.humpingfrog.com/12223/2005/11/car-crash-on-live-tv.html. Too bad the journalist doesn’t stop reporting to see if anyone is alive or not.

Everything is Google-icious. Can Google get any better? Well, in addition to the serious search engine side of things, there’s all the fun you can have with it too. Oh sure, everyone knows about Googlewhacking (http://www.googlewhack.com/), where you attempt to come up with a two-word phrase that results in one, and only one, hit in the entire Internet database. ("Terrified panjandrum" got 266, "eel baubles" hit 662; obviously, I need practice). You can play another game by the guy (Gary Stock) who invented Googlewhacking. This is called Unblinking, or going to page after page after page through links until you hit a page that has no links whatsoever, or "the edge of the Internet." (http://www.unblinking.com/). Or you can play the classic board game of RISK with Google Maps (http://www.ashotoforangejuice.com/gmrisk.html). Or how about Guess the Google? This is very cool. (http://grant.robinson.name/projects/guess%2Dthe%2Dgoogle/) You get a (way too small) map of 20 images and have to guess the Google keyword that generated those images from Google’s image search engine. It’s a bit too frantic for this old grandpa.

http://paulenglish.com/ivr/ -- Ever want to get hold of an actual human when you contact a Customer Service line? This site outlines all the ways you can do this with many, many different companies. Quite possibly the most useful site I’ve ever found.

California motorist struck by flying deer, read the headline. At least it’s not Christmastime yet. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051110/ap_on_fe_st/deer_hits_man;_ylt=AuVFpOW7aTu2iGJOh6thL1Cs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3NW1oMDRpBHNlYwM3NTc-.

There are good professional athletes. I didn’t think Karl Malone was one of them, but hey, I can be wrong too. Karl helps clear 115 condemned homes near Pascagoula, Mississippi. What’s annoying is that the Feds and local contractors tried to stop him. http://sportsbybrooks.com/karlmalone.html. Idiots. Everyone knows you don’t screw with the Mailman.

Cold Onion Rings? Call 911! http://www.dailycomet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051117/NEWS/511170326/1013#a. Really, what could go wrong?

The only flavor of potato chips I probably would not eat: Marmite. http://walkers.corpex.com/cr15p5/packinfo.asp?snacktypeid=26&flavourid=55.

Political Time! (oh joy, I hear you say sarcastically)Oh, just in case you thought the Oil-For-Food scandal was dying down, there’s this: http://news.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2005/11/18/wfrance18.xml. Proof positive that France is still our enemy. Jean-Bernard Merimee, French "Ambassador for Life," admits he took oil allocation money from Saddam Hussein. Look for the story in your local newspaper. Good luck.

I’ve gotten in trouble for saying we should give nukes to the Kurds because that would solve a few problems pretty damn quickly (yes, I’m looking at you Pakistan). But you know, the Kurds love us, they really do. It’s Kurdistan, The Other Iraq. http://www.theotheriraq.com/.

Mary Mapes, the 60 Minutes producer who was rightly fired for her role in puffing the falsified documents regarding President George W. Bush’s National Guard record, is unapologetic about her efforts. In fact, she has written a book (ironically called "Truth and Duty") about the whole affair, her firing, the removal of Dan Rather, and how all those nasty bloggers dared (dared, I say) to point out to her that she was wrong...and biased...and a liar. Plenty of bloggers are taking her book, and her oddly skewed version of the events, to task, but here’s my favorite. A brief online note from one of the actual document examiners picking apart all the statements Mapes makes in her book about the documents and about this particular examiner’s efforts: http://qdewill.com/memogate.htm. CBS and publisher St. Martin’s Press should be ashamed.

And on that note a Happy Thanksgiving to all. We'll be back sooner than you think, or hope, or care, or something. Honest.