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Things I've Found 45 (The Meek Shall Inherit the Entire Earth, Except for a Very Thin Layer at the Surface)—4/7/2005

by Mark Rose

You know what song is going through my head? The Burger King ditty for "Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch" sandwich. Come on, man, it's Hootie singing! It's the greatest ad ever. I wish there was a Burger King nearby. But since there isn't, you can at least see why the sandwich, and the ad, is the best thing on TV, according to this very warped site: http://www.unc.edu/~brianz/tendercrispbaconcheddarranch.html

Absolutely the worst company logo in the world (from TIF roving correspondent Josh Parks): http://www.arlingtonoptimist.org/images/APC.jpg

Here's a useful link if you have kids and live in the Western states and are looking for schools for your little rugrat: http://greatschools.net

Real Cool Web Art: The ZoomQuilt is a large (1.6MB) Flash app that frankly is one of the neater things I've found on the Web in a while. Go here: http://www.eviltree.de/zoomquilt/zoom.htm and let it load. Click on the window as requested. Now click and hold the left mouse button and move forward or backward to proceed through the ZoomQuilt. Very cool.

The things you learn. Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has a blog: http://www.patsajak.com/news.php?view=says. Click around and find out more about Pat than you really wanted to know.

Did you know that The Cato Institute (http://www.cato.org/), the world's great libertarian think tank, has almost all of their publications available for free online? Check out some of their fine Policy Studies statements (http://www.cato.org/pubs/studies.html) like No. 518, A Lesson in Waste: Where Does All The Federal Education Money Go? (http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=1640)

How about clicking on a scholarly academic journal with free online content devoted entirely to the world of comics? It's here: http://www.english.ufl.edu/imagetext/ and it's actually pretty interesting, with real contributors who actually do real comics (like Bill Griffith and Diane Noomin). If you like comics, you should like this.

I don't generally provide links from the Drudge Report, but he has other links in this story which are of interest. http://drudgereport.com/flash3pg1.htm. Michele Zipp, former editor of Playgirl Magazine, stated that she voted Republican in the last Presidential election. She was almost immediately fired. Hmmm. Where are all the liberals talking about the "crushing of dissent" in this case? I guess that crap about being tolerant of other's beliefs is only meant to go one way.

Crazy-Ass Game of the Week: Thin Squares. You control a colored square with your mouse. Move your mouse around the game board collecting other squares of the same color, avoiding bad powerups and collecting good powerups to increase your score and level. It's fun! http://www.gtds.net/Thin-Squares/

A gallery for strange and unusual vinyl record cover illustrations: http://www.showandtellmusic.com/. Oh, it sounds dull, but if you click on the galleries, you will see lots of amazing record sleeve art. Worth a look. Now if you want some really bad album covers, you can try out this site as well: http://www.zonicweb.net/badalbmcvrs/index.htm

I really like this Belgian public service announcement trying to convince teens that it's not wise to get pregnant at an early age: http://www.boardsmag.com/screeningroom/animation/1146/

Here's something almost completely useless: The Weather Pixie! http://weatherpixie.com/

Tattoos on the arms of restaurant chefs, well not all arms, Jill Barron has one on the inside of her lip. I think I'd be scared to eat at her restaurant, De Cero. http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2005/03/24/magazine/20050327_TATTOO_SLIDESHOW_1.html

And people think I'm crazy. How about the 100,000 people who are now investing their money in Liberty Dollars? http://www.libertydollar.org/

Want a piece of the world? Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makthoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, is building 300 artificial islands in an artificial community and he'd like you to live there: http://www.theworld.ae/. I imagine he might want your money in exchange though.

Things I've Found has taken off. There's Found Magazine (http://www.found.com), and now the Found Footage Video Festival, which cobbles up odd film clips found at garage sales and tours around the country showing them. Great preview reel (but it's not safe for work): http://www.cine-magic.com/fffQ.html

Something for the Terminally Bored: Google is an amazing tool, and there are lots of little Google hacks you can do in the search terms to find...let's just say, unusual, things. Like if you use this search query: http://www.google.com/search?q=inurl:%22ViewerFrame%3FMode%3DRefresh%22 you'll find a listing of almost 700 unsecured webcams. These are webcams placed for a variety of reasons looking at a variety of things. Since there's no explanation, most of the cameras show incomprehensible views (like back alleys, sides of barns, Japanese board rooms, etc.). Every once in a while, you get a person and that becomes quite exciting. Very strange in a Zen kind of way to look through these links.

(By the way, you get 1000 points if you recognized the quote in the title of this piece as being from Robert Grudin's Book; of course, what you're going to do with those points, I have no idea.)