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Things I've Found 31 (Trawling the Stagnant Pools of My Mind)—6/20/2003

by Mark Rose

Yes, I’m still here. I’m too busy watching reality TV shows like “Fame” or “For Love Or Money” or “Top Model” or “Which Supermodel Wants to Collect Stamps with Mark“ to actually put these out on a regular basis. But tonight, you have been rewarded for your patience with yet another vast (well, maybe not quite so vast, more like adequate) phantasmagoria of links that will destroy your productivity and allow you to while away the hours at work doing nothing but clicking and going, “ooooo, that’s cool.”

Graphic Design from the 1920s and 1930s in Travel Ephemera:


(Almost every single link in here shows a beautiful style; you would be happy to have these as a poster on your wall, tremendous).

Create your own rock band. Name it, add up to five musicians, choose how they play and then listen to the resultant mix. A pleasant diversion on an ugly day:


300 Reasons Why the UK Observer Newspaper Loves The Simpsons TV Show:


And they’re spot on with all of them. An entertaining read.

Very cool pages from a 1949 candy salesman’s sample catalogue. Blow ’em up and drool over candy you can’t get any more!


(C’mon, I want some Pecan Penuche, Nickel Naks and Snirkles!)

Monica Lewinsky is designing her own exclusive line of handbags:

http://therealmonica.com/bin/ [this is the new site: http://www.therealmonica.com/, but she’s taking a sabbatical]

I will avoid making any jokes due to the sensibilities of some of our younger readers.

I used to love Michael Moore. His documentary film “Roger and Me” was hilarious, poignant, touching, sad, brilliant, smart. Then he did the show “TV Nation” and while it was good, it seemed to get a little too strident, a bit too angry, a bit too easy in its condemnation of its straw targets. Then he wrote “Angry White Men” which is a huge heaping shitpile of a book. Then there came “Bowling for Columbine.” Hmm. I don’t know what to think of it. Moore is a great filmmaker no doubt about it, but I’m not sure he is a documentarist. He’s kind of going down the Spike Lee line, talented and smart, but just completely full of crap when you get down to it. Am I off-base? Well, read this Web site first then tell me what you think: http://www.hardylaw.net/Truth_About_Bowling.html