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Things I've Found 30 (Post-War Pari-Reconstruction Nostalgia)—6/5/2003

by Mark Rose

Thought I’d forgotten about you, didn’t you? Nope, still here. Too bad. This issue is cleaning out some old old old links because I’ve been pretty much shut down for 3-4 months. Why? None of your freaking business. Why don’t you stop pestering me and click on the links below? Huh? Punk! Want a piece of me?

The top 101 Dumbest Moments in Business for this past year. (Hey, I said these were old links.) Very funny, and sadly, very scary as well:

http://www.business2.com/articles/mag/print/0,1643,47750,00.html [This site has gone pay now. If you really want it, and they do this every year, you can go here: http://www.business2.com/b2/web/dumbest]

If you wish to weigh in (har har) on the pressing issue of Pennsylvania’s State Cookie, please do so:


Do you prefer the chocolate chip cookie (which was not invented in Pennsylvania)? Or the Nazareth sugar cookie (which I’ve never even heard of even though I grew up in the state)? Why don’t we suggest Wilbur Buds (which, even though they pretend to be candy, are in actuality, completely inedible)? Or better yet, Jubilee Jumbles??!! (That last comment is for only three of you on this distribution list — if anyone else really wants the recipe for the finest cookie known to mankind, let me know).

[More worryingly, check out the link and note the 2nd link in the “Related Stories” section. Really? What? Was she hanging upside down from the train naked eating Wilbur Buds? How is this related?] [Unfortunately, this no longer appears on the page.]

Prostitution Monopoly: http://www.guardian.co.uk/italy/story/0,12576,917248,00.html

An all-female crew of an Air Force KC-135 that flew in Iraq. Hello Islamofascists, this is the face of war:

http://www.af.mil/photos/images/030206-F-0000G-007.jpg (via Instapundit) [For some reason, the image has changed but it’s still similar: http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?storyID=20603250]

(which I would feel much better saying if the woman in the lower left didn’t look a lot like Tonya Harding). I am proud. God be with them.

And I thought Kentucky was crazy. A man was arrested in Olympia of my home state of Washington because he had padlocked himself to a building to protest the war with Iraq. However, because his brain size is smaller than the average bacterium, he had padlocked himself to the Washington State Grange office (a rural community organization) instead of to a Department of Energy building as he had planned. Sigh. How can you even comment on something like that? But Grange Director Larry Clark says it all in his understated fashion, “I don’t think that’s ever happened before.”


Take a radio-controlled miniature Mini Cooper car, add a camera to it, and what do you have? CarCam!


Oh, and a great way to annoy your West Highland Terrier as well. (High bandwith alert so be warned.)