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Things I've Found 29 (Caught Between Iraq and...Ach, It's Too Cliched Even for Me)—3/19/2003

by Mark Rose

I won’t bore you with my opinions on the impending conflict with Iraq. And if I did, I’d probably lose some subscribers anyway and heck, I need more of those. The one thing that annoys me about all the “debate” is when people keep trying to diss President George W. Bush as a cowboy. Folks, cowboys are heroes. Don’t use the word as a negative. Cowboy and cowgirl values are strength, honesty, loyalty, responsibility and self-sufficiency. Those are pretty good qualities to have in both a cowboy and a President. If people want to take potshots at Bush, there’s lots of different things you can say but when you say “cowboy,” it makes me think “good for him.”

In Other War News: PETA takes on Palestine because of their suicide bombers. No, not the human kind. PETA’s mad because Palestine killed a donkey. They don’t care about the dead humans.

http://www.pilotonline.com/opinion/op0206dou.html [News story is gone but you can read the original PETA letter at: http://www.peta.org/feat/arafat/]

In Other Donkey News: Name a common domesticated animal that’s sterile. Yeah, I know, the mule. But that’s not really true. There have actually been FOUR documented cases of a mule giving birth (usually between mule and donkey). One occurred in Nebraska in 1985, two in China in 1988, and now one in Morocco in 2003. Perhaps more chillingly, there is a Moroccan legend that when a mule gives birth, the end of the world is nigh. Well, nigh since ‘85 at least. (New Scientist, 8 Feb 2003, p. 17)

Kickball makes it big time: The World Adult Kickball Association can be found at: http://worldkickball.com/

We all know that Microsoft is evil, and that Bill Gates deserved to be the little nerd that everyone pushed around and made fun of in front of his face. Come on folks, that’s old news. We also know that Microsoft software is, in general, hard to use, poorly-designed, and most emphatically, NOT full of bugs. At least, not according to Bill Gates:


Bill, I’ve never really respected you. You don’t deserve it. You piggybacked on other people’s accomplishments and got rich off it. Nice gig, no complaints there, but please don’t think the reason people are buying newer versions of your software is for the new features. They buy new versions of your software because if they don’t, their documents created with the older versions of your software won’t work with the Joneses’ newer software versions down the street. It’s fashion marketing, Bill. You’re just pushing the latest year’s fashion trends, but it happens to be in software. Please don’t confuse what you do with giving the people what they want. You passed that price point a long time ago.

Have you guys seen this? It’s in beta but it’s pretty darn cool. Go to the main page of amazon.com and in the Search drop-down box, find Restaurants, choose it, then hit Go. It will give you an error page but the Restaurants tab will now be at the top of the screen. Hit that and go to the Restaurants home page. They’ve input hundreds of menus from various restaurants throughout the Seattle area (and some other cities as well). Very useful. I now know what Miyi sells in Ballard and will probably not go there because of it (veggie burgers do not thrill me, nor does parnsip pie).

In Other Food News: Check out some of these fine Weight Watchers dishes from the time that taste forgot:


If you like that kind of food humor, you owe it to yourself to get James Lileks’ book Gallery of Regrettable Food. The site is an absolute must-see and must-read and the book is well worth the money:


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Sing! Well, kind of. Use this Flash animation to mix your own master beats. After it loads, just click on the heads of the animals to play.


Now note that the singing horse site is from Sweden. What other great musical bands hail from that country? How about these fine folk: