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Exclusive Movie Reviews
by Lucius Shepard

"Crimea River"
by Howard Waldrop

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by Mark Rose

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by Richard Wadholm

"They're Made
Out of Meat"

by Terry Bisson

"A Dry, Quiet War"
by Tony Daniel

"The Night of White Bhairab"
by Lucius Shepard

CRIMEA RIVER by Howard Waldrop
or, Cultural Trivia Writ Long
The opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the ElectricStory.com staff. Having said that, we're more than glad to have Howard aboard. You are unlikely to find a more interesting curator of cultural phenomena. Howard doesn't go out of his way to offend, but his language isn't always polite, and he makes no apologies or excuses; so be advised this stuff ain't for kids. "Crimea River" was originally commissioned by Jonathan Strahan for the late, lamented Eidolon magazine.

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  • #1: Introducing Crimea River (courtesy of Eidolon)

  • #2: How to Kill Everything

  • #3: Starship Whitehouse

  • #4: The End of Something

  • #5: To Everything There Is a Season; or: Dylan Thomas Meets Cthulhu

  • #6: "Giuseppe! Oil Up Maciste's Lats!"

  • #7: The Way We Weren't

  • #8: Just Like in Matinee: Reviews of a Sort

  • #9: How Not to Write SF

  • #10: What the Autodidacts Taught Me

  • #11: Science Like Grandpa Used to Make