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Exclusive Movie Reviews
by Lucius Shepard

"Crimea River"
by Howard Waldrop

"Things I've Found"
by Mark Rose

by Bob Kruger

"From Here You
Can See the

by Richard Wadholm

"They're Made
Out of Meat"

by Terry Bisson

"A Dry, Quiet War"
by Tony Daniel

"The Night of White Bhairab"
by Lucius Shepard

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I don't get this whole eBook thing. What device should I buy? What software do I use? Where can I get free eBooks to see if I like the concept?

Good questions. Check out our article here.

What are your terms of use?

Glad you asked. You can access them here.

I'm leery about creating an account. Will you give out or sell my personal information to anyone else?


What are the advantages to creating an account?

You can purchase eBooks and come back anytime to download them in any format you've purchased, you can post reviews of books, and you can register for events posted on our events calendars. (We plan to make calendars available to a wide range of affiliates.) You can also get on our mailing list. From time to time we may offer free eBooks, special promotions, and other incentives to our members. If that isn't enough, we'll think of something else. Oh, and a member can apply to become an affiliate and earn money for sales he or she drives to our site. Our affiliate program is very generous.

How do I know my personal information and credit card number won’t get stolen from your site?

First, we do not store your credit card number. We redirect you to PayPal, an industry-leading, trusted payments processor, where you can complete your transaction with us. A postback from their site informs us immediately of your purchase, and your books are made instantly available. Second, all your other personal information is encrypted going into our database, so in the unlikely event that our database is hacked or stolen, your personal information is just so much random hash. A determined, skilled hacker might be able to break even the toughest encryption, but there are much easier ways to steal your personal information. Finally, whenever you log in or otherwise pass personal data between your computer and our site, your communication is protected by Secure Sockets Layer encryption, so no one can snoop on the data stream in transit.

So it is as safe to shop on your site as it is to shop at a major retail site?


When I buy an eBook, what do I get?

You get all the formats noted in the book listing. If the eBook is not an encrypted eBook, like Secure Mobipocket, you get all the formats currently available, plus access to any others we add to that book in the future, via your personal library.

How many times can I download an eBook I’ve purchased?

You can download an eBook from your personal library as many times as you like. When you buy the eBook, you buy a license to it, not just the one copy. However, we only guarantee you one copy of the eBook in any format, because if you violate our terms of use, we may rescind your account and shut down your personal library. That's unlikely, though; you'd have to be intentionally causing trouble or do something very dumb, like create an account to attack or impersonate someone.

May I share eBooks with other people?

No. When you purchase an eBook, you buy a license for the devices you own and your own household. If you share the eBook to the public at large by any means, including printout, e-mail attachment, and network fileshare, you expose yourself to civil and maybe even criminal legal action.

What is a “Secure Mobipocket” eBook?

Secure Mobipocket eBooks read the same as any other Mobipocket eBooks; however, at the time you download them, we submit up to two Mobipocket PIDs to Mobipocket’s server, where a copy of your eBook is encrypted for use only with that PID. It is then made available for you to download.

What is a Mobipocket PID?

Mobipocket PID is a ten-character alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies a copy of the Mobipocket Reader. You will have a different PID on each installation of Mobipocket Reader.

How do I register a Mobipocket PID?

If you purchase a Secure Mobipocket eBook and haven't yet registered at least one PID, you will find a link in your personal library to the following page, which you may access anytime: manage Mobipocket PIDs.