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by Lucius Shepard

Reviews by The Mad Hatter

Reviewed on 4/12/2007 — New Celebrations by Alexei Panshin “Alexei Panshin should be shot...: Or maybe whipped with a wet noodle until he writes the long awaited fourth book in this series. I first stumbled across Masque World over 30 years ago (1975 or 1976) in a used book store in Aurora Ontario called 'The Book Nook.' Bought it, read it, fell in love with the characters and concept. Ordered reprints of 'Star Well' and 'The Thurb Revolution' when they became available. Loved them too. Wasted several years (until the middle 80's) looking for the 'Universal Pantograph', only to find out that it had never been published. </br> </br> 'Rite of Passage' may have won a Nebula. You know what - it's not half as good as the Anthony Villiers novels. Maybe not a quarter as good. </br> </br> Alexei - give your long suffering fans a break and write the damned book! Heck - I'm pushing 50 now, I'm not in good health, and I'd really appreciate it if the thing was published before either you or I pass on. </br> </br> Wayne aka The Mad Hatter ”