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A Dry, Quiet War

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By: Tony Daniel
Formats: Rocket eBook (29 KB), MS Reader (159 KB), Mobipocket (55 KB)
Wordcount: 9,200
Price: Free!

Publisher: ElectricStory.com

5 Reader Ratings

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All Henry Bone wanted was what his service in the war had earned him: the chance to go home. But when the glims arrive, he's forced to choose: let those he loves be destroyed, or, in saving them, relive his own terrible, ineluctable future.

Read more of Tony Daniel's work in The Robot's Twilight Companion.

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Reader Reviews:

239k rates this title as Excellent
Contemplate your good fortune -- 12/13/2004

There are a few stories that, when you have finished reading them, force you to pause and contemplate your good fortune: you've witnessed something great, and your life is now richer than it was. Dan Simmons' Hyperion was such a work for me, and so is "A Dry, Quiet War." I commend it and the other stories in The Robot's Twilight Companion wholeheartedly to fellow readers.

es_admin rates this title as Excellent
Damn near perfect -- 01/16/2005

"A Dry, Quiet War" is an archetypal story often explored in Westerns: a war veteran returns to the pastoral frontier from which he came and tries to put his violent, painful past behind him and settle down. He begins to build the life he always hoped for, with the woman he'd always wanted...and then the bad guys come to town and he must choose whether to take up the gun again even though the only possible outcomes are bad. You've no doubt heard or seen some variation before. So how does it manage to be so fresh? Because the stakes are as high as only science fiction can make them: the hero, Henry Bone, has been through the ultimate war at the end of time and been radically transformed body and soul. His powers are godlike, but to exercise them, he will unmake everything for which he and millions of others have paid an unspeakable price. Any student of good genre writing would do well to study this piece closely.

ckevinhill rates this title as Excellent
Perfect -- 05/16/2005

This story is impressively moving and powerful. The creativity and imagery are without equal. Highly recommend.

Tarrant rates this title as Excellent
Intriguing and unique! -- 06/10/2006

It's a pity that this was only a short story. Mr. Daniel has a unique writing style, and this story is far from "conventional" sci-fi. It is an easy read, but holds your attention. It hints at a future battle that is both epic in scope, and ethereal in nature. Yet, Mr. Daniel renders this story around a topic far more common, but no less important: love and hope. Bravo!

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