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The Algis Budrys Omnibus Volume 1

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By: Algis Budrys
Formats: Rocket eBook (331 KB), Mobipocket (494 KB), MS Reader (427 KB)
Wordcount: 103,000
Price: $5.99

Publisher: Scorpius Digital

0 Reader Ratings

Note! We are no longer taking orders at this site. All our books are available from major online retailers. We are developing an author and reader community site, and will soon be replacing this site with another one to showcase our titles and authors. Thanks very much for your interest!

Ninety percent of the Earth's population has been wiped out in a plague, and now the survivors will have to rebuild some sort of civilization, but it's not going to be easy...

When Matthew Garvin realized he was not going to die, he picked up a shotgun and a knapsack, left the corpses of his family, and headed out into the deserted Manhattan streets, hoping to find one friend left alive. If he can find food, avoid being murdered, and escape New York, he might be able to find a new life out there. What kind of life? That's anyone's guess.

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