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Robert Kruger

Bob grew up in Boring, Oregon. When you grow up in a place with a name like that, you're obliged to mention it. He started reading fantasy and science fiction in third grade, writing it in fourth grade, and playing D&D in fifth grade. His first fantasy read was Watership Down. A collection of Robert Silverberg YA stories introduced him to SF, and books by Tolkien and Frank Herbert followed soon after. Bob has a degree in English from St. John's University in Minnesota. He should have gone to graduate school. Instead he worked as a bookstore clerk and municipal-code indexer, before getting very lucky and landing an editor job at Wizards of the Coast. (A taxi in Bill Clinton's entourage ran into the Wizards company van, disabling the entire editorial staff. What a break for Bob!) After three years working on trading-card games and roleplaying games, he quit Wizards of the Coast. He then did some freelance writing, and attended the Clarion West Writers' Workshop. Soon after, he ended up as the sole nominal editor of MSN Games, formerly MSN Gaming Zone, formerly The Internet Gaming Zone. He worked that job on and off for six years. Meanwhile, in his spare time, he founded ElectricStory.com, co-edited several books, and picked up certifications in .NET and SQL programming. His interests outside of geek culture include SCUBA, flyfishing, weightlifting, and--no, that's pretty much it: SCUBA, flyfishing, and weightlifting. He and his wife Karen have been married for over twelve years and they have a daughter. He's really honored that you had enough interest to read all this.

Imagination Fully Dilated: Science Fiction
0 Reader Ratings
Cover of Imagination Fully Dilated; cover painting by Alan M. Clark
Robert Kruger, editor
Patrick Swenson, editor
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 80,000
Price: $5.99
Formats: Microsoft Reader

Publisher: ElectricStory.com
Though perhaps best known for his horrific and macabre illustrations, Alan M. Clark works all areas of speculative fiction. In this anthology, sixteen authors "literate" the science fiction work of this World Fantasy Award-winning artist. More