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Mark Jacobson

Jacobson, a tall and handsome type from Flushing, Queens, a Godforsaken part of New York City not far from the vast ash pits mentioned in The Great Gatsby, has been a journalist as well as novelist. He can barely bear to recall most of the thousands of stories he has covered over the past thirty years but does remember driving over a landmine in South Africa during the apartheid era. Over those years, he was a staff writer at New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, Esquire, The Village Voice, and numerous others. He took up novel writing in a quest to find a lower-paid job than journalist and was successful in that regard. His first book, Gojiro, republished by ElectricStory, remains a cult novel both amongst Lord Buckley fans and some people who have never heard of Lord Buckley.

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Cover to GOJIRO
Mark Jacobson
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 131,000
Price: $6.99
Formats: Microsoft ReaderMobipocket ReaderRocket eBook

Publisher: ElectricStory.com
Imagine Lewis Carroll, Julian Jaynes, and Thomas Pynchon collaborating to describe the cosmological quest of a five-hundred-foot-tall mutated monitor lizard and his friend Coma Boy, an amnesiac survivor of the Hiroshima bomb blast. Well, forget it, you're never going to see those writers working together. Thankfully, Mark Jacobson took this task upon his own true self. Jacobson's GOJIRO is a wild and humorous fairytale about the Atomic Age, about a terrifying world redeemed by love, friendship, the survival instinct, and a willingness to break down old inventions for new parts. More