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William R. Burkett, Jr.

William R. Burkett, Jr., is a native of Georgia who grew up in Neptune, Florida, and began writing when at age fourteen he was given an ancient Smith-Corona typewriter. His first science fiction novel, Sleeping Planet, was published in Analog magazine when he was 20, and subsequently published in hardcover and paperback in the U.S. and abroad.

On the strength of being a published writer, he was promoted to reporter at the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, Florida, beginning a career in journalism which led him from the Bahamas to Pennsylvania to the state of Washington. He continued to write creatively, and had some fiction and nonfiction magazine sales. But he found journalism a beguiling mistress, due to the twin incentives of a steady paycheck and seeing his byline on page one.

In 1978 he left journalism for public relations, and was a public information officer for three different state agencies in Arizona and Washington state. He edited a monthly tabloid for the Arizona Game and Fish department, which "required" him to spend days on end out in the wilds with a gun or fishing rod, doing research. In Washington, he headed up a negotiating team which settled major litigation between the state and local Indian tribes over tribal sales of untaxed liquor. And he won a Clio, a Telly, and other writting awards for TV commercials which promoted traffic safety.

He left state service 1993 and returned to full-time fiction writing. Bloodsport, his second science fiction novel, and its sequel, Blood Lines, were published in 1998 by HarperPrism.