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Conrad Williams

Conrad Williams has sold around 80 short stories to a diverse range of publications and anthologies including Panurge, Sunk Island Review, This Is, Back Brain Recluse, The Third Alternative, Scaremongers, Best New Horror 9; The Year’s Best Horror XXII, Narrow Houses 3: The Museum of Horrors, Cemetery Dance and many others. He has won the Littlewood Arc Prize and the British Fantasy Award for Best Newcomer and his debut novel Head Injuries (The Do-Not Press) has been optioned by Revolution Films. In 2001, Nearly People was published in a limited edition from PS Publishing, with an introduction by Michael Marshall Smith, and was nominated for the for the International Horror Guild Award and the British Fantasy Society Award.

This year sees three new books from Conrad. Game, a novella, from Earthling Publications; Use Once, then Destroy, a collection of his best short fiction from the past ten years, from Night Shade Books, and a new novel from The Do-Not Press, London Revenant.

Conrad lives in France with his wife, the writer Rhonda Carrier, and their son Ethan.

Nearly People
1 Reader Ratings
Nearly People cover
Conrad Williams
Genre: Horror
Word Count: 25,000
Price: $4.99
Formats: Microsoft ReaderMobipocket ReaderRocket eBook

Publisher: Scorpius Digital       Publication Date: Jun 2001       First Pub: PS Publishing 2001
The city of Howling Mile is quarantined and cordoned off from the rest of society. To leave is to die quickly. To stay is to die slowly... if you're lucky. More