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Carol Orlock

The original St. Martin's Press publication of Carol Orlock's first novel, The Goddess Letters, was honored with the Pacific Northwest Booksellers' Award and the Washington State Governor's Award. Her second novel, The Hedge, The Ribbon, won the Western States Book Award. Her stories and poems have appeared in Ms. Magazine, Calyx, Women of Darkness and Fine Madness, among others. Her nonfiction books include Inner Time: The Science of Body Clocks and What Makes Us Tick (paperback title: Know Your Body Clock) and The End of Aging: How Medical Science is Changing Our Concept of Old Age, both Science News Book club selections. Her articles have appeared in numerous national magazines.

Carol teaches writing at Shoreline Community College and for the University of Washington Educational Outreach program. She has been awarded a Washington State Literary Fellowship and selected as a semi-finalist for the Iowa Short Fiction Award.

The Goddess Letters
1 Reader Ratings
The Goddess Letters cover
Carol Orlock
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 70,000
Price: $5.99
Formats: Microsoft ReaderMobipocket ReaderRocket eBook

Publisher: Scorpius Digital       Publication Date: Jan 2001
Persephone, virgin goddess of flowers, has been kidnapped and raped by Hades, god of the underworld, and her mother's grief and rage know no bounds mortals would recognize. So begins a story told over thousands of years, but made fresh and new by Carol Orlock's very human story of a mother and daughter separated by a gulf of worlds, but connected by a bond of words. More

The Hedge, the Ribbon
0 Reader Ratings
Carol Orlock
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 78,000
Price: $5.99
Formats: Microsoft Reader

Publisher: Scorpius Digital
An old woman, a storyteller, a hedge, and a ribbon weave a magical spell into the everyday reality of a small town in this exemplar of magical realism by awarding-winning author Carol Orlock. More