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Howard V. Hendrix

Besides the short fiction he's published in his short fiction collection Möbius Highway and elsewhere, Howard V. Hendrix is the author of four novels published by Ace Science Fiction: Lightpaths (1997), Standing Wave (1998), Better Angels (1999) and Empty Cities of the Full Moon. The first three continue, elaborate on, and steal from his short fiction, but the fourth comes entirely out of an as yet unexplained parallel dimension. Hendrix holds a BS in Biology as well as MA and PhD in English literature, which means he is at times able to manage fish hatcheries or teach literature classes at the nearby state university. He and his wife Laurel go for long backpacking trips in the Sierra Nevada Mountains every summer, which is their avowedly masochistic idea of fun.

Learn more at Howard Hendrix's website.

In the Smoke
1 Reader Ratings
Cover of In the Smoke
Howard V. Hendrix
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 5,000
Price: Free!
Formats: Microsoft ReaderMobipocket Reader

Publisher: Scorpius Digital
What comes after apocalypse -- civilization's collapse, or some kind of transcendence, or both, or neither? More

Möbius Highway
0 Reader Ratings
Mobius Highway cover; painting by Jeff Sturgeon
Howard V. Hendrix
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 97,000
Price: $5.99
Formats: Microsoft Reader

Publisher: Scorpius Digital
Nebula Award nominee Howard V. Hendrix showcases the best of his short fiction in this new collection of thought-provoking stories. More