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Algis Budrys

Algis Budrys became interested in science fiction at the age of six, when a landlady slipped him a copy of the New York Journal-American Sunday funnies. The paper was immediately confiscated by his parents (his father was the Consul General of Lithuania), as being low-class trash, but it was too late; by the age of nine was writing his own sf stories. He sold his first novel in 1953, and eventually produced eight more novels, including Who?, Rogue Moon, Michaelmas, and Hard Landing, as well as three short story collections. In addition to holding jobs in public relations and a stint as a critic, he's been the editor in chief of Regency Books, Playboy Press, all the titles at Woodall's Trailer Travel publications, and L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of The Future, where he works now. In 1954, he married Edna F. Duna, and is still married to her, an arrangement that suits both of them. They have four sons, now scattered over America and the world. Life is good. The Algis Budrys Omnibus, Volume One is the first in a seven-volume Omnibus of Budrys' work.

The Algis Budrys Omnibus Volume 1
0 Reader Ratings
Algis Budrys Omnibus 1 cover
Algis Budrys
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 103,000
Price: $5.99
Formats: Microsoft ReaderMobipocket ReaderRocket eBook

Publisher: Scorpius Digital
Ninety percent of the Earth's population has been wiped out in a plague, and now the survivors will have to rebuild some sort of civilization, but it's not going to be easy... More

First to Serve
1 Reader Ratings
Cover of First to Serve
Algis Budrys
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 6,300
Price: Free!
Formats: Microsoft ReaderMobipocket Reader

Publisher: Scorpius Digital
Humanity is on the brink of developing the perfect robotic soldier. But the men who sought its creation can't accept the consequences. And neither can the machine. More