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Mark Bourne

Mark Bourne's short fiction has appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and assorted anthologies such as Sherlock Holmes in Orbit, Full Spectrum 5, and the Chicks in Chainmail series. A number of his favorites are collected in Mars Dust & Magic Shows. An erstwhile astronomy professional, he has also written and produced work for multimedia planetariums internationally (most famously, Star Trek: Orion Rendezvous), videos, and science museum exhibitry. He has two novels in the works. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Learn more at Mark Bourne's website.

1 Reader Ratings
Cover of "Brokedown"
Mark Bourne
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 6,000
Price: Free!
Formats: Microsoft ReaderMobipocket Reader

Publisher: Scorpius Digital
Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Boone feels completely out of place -- until the patrons of The Ol' South Cafe put his alienation in perspective. More

Mars Dust and Magic Shows
0 Reader Ratings
Mars Dust and Magic Shows cover; painting by David Delamare
Mark Bourne
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 70,000
Price: $5.99
Formats: Microsoft Reader

Publisher: Scorpius Digital
Glimpse the secret lives of Sherlock Holmes, William Shakespeare, Al Capone and King Kong in this collection from gifted story-teller Mark Bourne. More