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by Lucius Shepard

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by Howard Waldrop

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by Mark Rose

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by Richard Wadholm

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by Terry Bisson

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by Tony Daniel

"The Night of White Bhairab"
by Lucius Shepard

News & Reviews

Jun 07, 2005

No Woodling Over Wookiees
"...For those who never recovered from an attack of the clones and for whom Darth Vader as George Bush came too little, too late, this smart, funny, flawed but audaciously mounted Russian epic fantasy might be something of an upgrade." Read Lucius Shepard's reviews of London Voodoo and The Night Watch—plus a few choice words about the "latest incarnation of GL’s Vapid-O-Thon."

Apr 21, 2005

Frankly, Robert, He Doesn't Give a Damn
"After fifteen minutes of watching digitally enhanced actors chewing CGI scenery on sets that are reminiscent of belladonna hallucinations, you’ve seen all the movie’s best tricks and what you’re left with is an exploitation flick filled with cartoonish sadism and laughably bad dialogue." Read Lucius Shepard's review of Sin City.

Rose Read
Buy an artificial island from a Saudi gazillionaire. Check out a Belgian video PSA plug for prophylactics. Learn a Google hack for viewing a (usually) empty board room in Japan. That's right, it's another intriguing edition of "Things I've Found."

Mar 16, 2005

Exorcise This
"...Hellblazer was arguably one of the smartest adult comics of the 90s, a grim, dark ride that followed the progress of a doomed pilgrim, and if stories told through pictures and word balloons are becoming the literary standard in our culture, we might as well film a few of the good ones. For all of its flaws, Constantine beats the snot out of Josie and the Pussycats." Read Lucius Shepard's review of Constantine.

Best of Fantasy 5 Announced
Congratulations to ElectricStory author Terry Bisson, one of the 24 authors whose work is included in Year's Best Fantasy 5 edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer.


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